Saturday, August 15, 2009

Iverson wants to return to Philly

iverson's twitter page

It was a casual conversation I was part of with some Sixers fans at the Wac center earlier this week. “What if they brought Allen back? Nope … not gonna happen … You know that would get people excited. Say what you will about ‘em. Iverson puts fannies in the seats. You know there are rumors on the internet that they are talking!”

And why not? This is the city of brotherly love , right? With the Eagles Michael Vick signing it appears that we have become the city of redemption. That final destination for kindred spirits to overcome past transgressions and rekindle past glory.

Then there are the tweets on AI’s twitter page yesterday ..

“Happy for Mike (Vick)! Thanks be to God and the Philadelphia Eagles! Great Fans! Great place to resurrect a great career! Do Great Things”

“I can't help imagining, Vick, McNabb, Rollins and Iverson all playing in the City of Brotherly Love........Picture That!”

“Looking forward to getting back to work myself! I am so ready to return to the NBA! Stronger, Faster and So much Wiser!”

Is this crazy talk? Wishful thinkin’? Perhaps … The Sixers have 12 signed guys on the roster. There is only room for 2 more. After the signing of Royal Ivey, Stefanski stated that they are not targeting anyone else at this point. They will probably fill the last 2 spots during training camp.

But there is always a chance if the right veteran comes available at the right price … right?

I can hear the comments already. Much like the Vick signing, some will say … No way … that shipped has sailed … this is terrible. The teams doesn’t need the drama. Others will say … wow this is great! This makes us a better team. Everybody deserves a second chance!

Still others will say … Huh?

I dunno that I would be terribly opposed to it under the right circumstances. I just wanna see some entertaining basketball. There are too many unknowns right now to get people excited. One thing is certain however … it would get people talking about Sixers basketball.

Allen Iverson a Sixer again … what’s the worst that could happen?

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