Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sixers off-season nearly complete ... looking ahead

williams_faces_cropped With the Sixers' Williams ready to sign officially next week | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/02/2008 the off-season is nearly complete. Yes, Iggy still needs to be signed and ... no I don't wish to weigh in on whether he's worth the MAX or weather he will every get any better. Nor do I care about your arguments as to whether he's really a 2 guard or if his outside J will every improve.

I am taking it for granted the 76ers will resign Andre Igoudala ... for better or worse.

After the signing of Elton Brand, Royal Ivey, Kadeem Rush and the impending Williams signing, I think Stefanski's about done. There's the knee jerk tendency to want to fix everything that ails the 76ers in a single off-season. But to do so would change much of the team chemistry that has fueled this gang of over achievers.

Andre Igoudala is a significant part of that team chemistry. So the deal will get done ... for better or worse.

Looking ahead ... expectations have been raised. For everyone .... the GM, head coach, Brand, Iggy, Williams et al. They must improve over last years record. They will be expected to be competitive in November not March. They will be expected to put an exclamation point of their "new" style of play.

But things change when you are expected to do well. Teams won't be flat or play down to your level anymore. The Sixers have come a long way these last few years. But I fear they will find it more difficult to advance further or ... perhaps (worse) backslide because of injury or bad chemistry (sigh).

Last year I was cautiously optimistic ... this year it's more like .... nervous enthusiasm.

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Troy said...

come on man! don't be a downer we got this!