Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Last Year of the Spectrum

By now you've heard this will be the Last Year of the Spectrum. What's to replace it is still unknown. But its passing will be the last vestige of the old sports complex of my youth when Vet Stadium, the Spectrum and JFK stadium dominated the landscape. I saw my first NBA game six_spectrum_200at the Spectrum. Like many I have fond memories in that building.

My fondest memory at the Spectrum ... that's easy. Fo' Fo' Fo'  ... Moses Malone issued that unprecedented prediction before the 82-83 playoffs. No I didn't see a finals game against the Lakers. I watched them play the Milwaukee Bucks. The only team to take a game against the Sixers and changed the final outcome to Fo' Fiv' Fo'. But the game was magic to me. The buzz around the team was one of invincibility. There was no doubt they were championship bound. The only question was the final tally.

The most exciting moment at the Spectrum has to be that Christian Laettner field goal at the buzzer in the '92 NCAA Eastern Regional. 

I imagine for some the fondest memory might be more recent. Perhaps a Philly Soul game or one of those monster truck things (that I still have a hard time comprehending how they manage something like that indoors).

But it won't be raised until the end of the Phantom's hockey season. Plenty of time to pay my respects.

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