Sunday, March 23, 2008

Can Dr. J save the Nets?

I found it near blasphemy to see the Nets ticket renewal promotion this week. Featuring Dr. J week. Showing those old highlights of the doctor in a Nets uniform. Season ticket renewals bag you an autographed jersey. Can this really work? Can anything resurrect north jersey's interest in the Nets? Their web site is pushing Devon Harris jerseys for crying out load. I'm gonna give the north jersey fans a bit more credit. They can't be buying this. The Nets have been mediocre for some time now. They missed to chance to get anything of value for Vince Carter. Now they are rebuilding ... finally. Lets get rid of Jason Kidd for ... aah ... Devon Haris and what's behind door number 3. Nets fans should be insulted. Why would you be a Nets fan in north jersey when you know Jay-Z is moving the team to Brooklyn?

Dr. J Nets 32 Jersey

I got a slogan for ya ... at least we're better than the Knicks! That should pack 'em in.

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