Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why All Those Mock Drafts Are Always Wrong!

So it's draft day ... Me and the crew are chillin' at the annual Sixers draft day party ... lying on a beach chair and sippin' a Pina Colada. This is crunch time for draft nicks. Time to see the fruits of all those laborious hours of research. Ahh! This drink is really good!

Off in the distance I hear draft chatter ... the radio perhaps. The conversations have deteriorated into referencing this mock draft or that one to back up an argument. I thinking to myself ... "All those Mock drafts are always wrong.". There's no accounting for GM brain farts and wacky draft day trades! Ahh! There's nothin' better than a nice cool drink on a hot summer's day. My senses are overcome by the scent of BBQ and the rhythm of a steel drum in the distance.

Eventually the drafty chatter breaks thru the haze ... "The Portland TrailBlazers surprised all the experts by selecting Kevin Durant with the #1 pick!" ... Apparently I had slept thru part of the first round. Portland took Durant at #1 (hardly a brain cramp). Seattle takes Oden at #2. The great northwest is planning the parade already.

Apparently during my haze I missed "the trade". Just minutes before the draft the commissioner announces a 4 team blockbuster deal. Minnesota trades Kevin Garnett & Randy Foye to the Lakers. The Lakers send Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum, and Aaron McKie to the New York Knicks. The Knicks sent Malik Rose to LaLa land, Stephon Marbury back to Minnesota along with Andrew Bynum. Atlanta swaps the Lakers' Randy Foye for Speedy Claxton. Then the T-Wolves and Hawks swap picks. At #3 Minnesota picks Corey Brewer.

Got that?

At #4 Memphis some how misses all the excitement. New head coach Mark Iavaroni takes the guy they had on their board, Brandan Wright. At #5 Boston selects Yi Jianlian the Chinese wonder (haha). At #6 the Bucks select Ohio State PG, Mike Conley.
thanxs to Draft ExpressAtlanta is next at #7 after swapping picks with the T-wolves. But wait ... they've swapped again! This time with Sacramento at #10. The Kings go off the board and select Marco Bellineli, the best SG in Italy (see photo).

What! I fell off my beach chair. At #8 Micheal Jordon and the Charlotte Bobcats select Florida PF Joakim Noah. Wow ... give me another one of those drinks! At #9 the Bulls take 7' tall center Spencer Hawes.

Suddenly Atlanta has the next two picks. They pick Jeff Green #10 and Javaris Crittenton #11. RU kidding me! The Sixers are next at #12 and Al Thorton, Al Horford, Julian Wright, Thaddeus Young, and Acie Law are all still on the board. Suddenly I am sweating. The buzz around me has reached a fever a pitch. The Sixers select Al Horford with the #12 pick! Unbelievable! High fives all around.

Next thing I know my buddy is shaking me. "Yo, wake up! The draft's getting ready to start!" ... What? Man these Pina Coladas are good ... did ya try one?

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