Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sixers still draft 12th, but Boston is the real loser

So who will be available at #12 | Let the speculation begin. But before we indulge in the draft banter of who's gonna do what, lets gloat a little. Boston gets screwed. Associated PressSo all you folks who maintained that the Sixers should have tanked games can stick that in your pipe and smoke it. The Celtics blatantly tanked and look what the have to show for it. Paul Peirce will languish another year on a team with no direction. It may finally boil over and he gets traded. The Len Bias curse continues.

The basketball gods have ruled. Sweet!


R. said...

gotta love thet picture

it tells all

I've made a similar post on my blog, BTW

Ricky - Sixers4guidos

celticspride said...

Celtics are the real losers eh ? They "TANKED?" Do you realize they lost 18 or 19 in a row early in the season? Since when do you Tank in the beginning of the year? Pierce was injured, Wally was injured, they simply sucked, playing young guys all over the place. Doesn't matter now though does it? The team to beat in the EAST with lots of talent to watch, they loaded their bench as well with POSEY, HOUSE, Tony Allen IS back, RONDO at the point , this team is built and ready for a serious 2-3 year run, have fun watching your horrendous SIXERS. I'll be there enjoying a real basketball team.