Friday, April 13, 2007

Stephen A. Smith | Wasting license to lose | Give us a break

Stephen A. Smith | Wasting license to lose | Stephen A. has mailed another one in. Sure his argument has merit. Some of us agree others don't. They just hate losing under any circumstances. The real tragedy is he could have written this story last most or the month before that. Perhaps he did (I didn't check). He just sprinkled in a few recent events to make it sound current.

Stephen ... you told us your television career wouldn't stop you from writing about sports in the city of brother love. Where's the love in mailing in recycled material?


Eric said...

To me, it seems like Stephen A. is just hating. I thought the job of writers was to write good things when they were doing good and bad things when they are struggling. He must have missed the memo. I know some "fans" want the Sixers to go for the ping-pong balls but success will go a long way for a young team. If we would have lost more we probably wouldn't have gotten the top 2 picks. In my opinion, if you don't get Durant or Oden then you would have to settle for another big man like Hibbert or Aaron Gray. Then tanking makes no sense if you get the 6th pick. Remember it is a lottery.

Rando said...

I feel ya Eric. Player hating (as opposed to insight) has become his shtick. Nothing is certain but I think the Sixers still have a great opportunity in the draft.