Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sixers gain a character win vs. the Heat in OT

I will refrain from any play on words like beating the heat, getting burned and the like. The Sixers could be expected to have their heads down after the shellacking in Memphis. BTW the Grizzles are a better team than their records shows. The up tempo offense they're playing now will pay dividends (if their conditioning improves). You expect the Sixers to lose more than they win. So a bad lose doesn't distress me ('like Ed Snider). But you like to see some character wins like last nite against a road weary opponent. The Sixers blew a 17 point lead. They overcame a bad call in the waining seconds. The basketball gods granted them a reprieve after Andre Miller committed a brainless foul on D.Wade's 3 point attempt. Wade's road weary legs could only managed 2 or 3 free throws. Then the Sixers recover from a slow start in OT to post a 98-95 win (cracking 100 would have been nice).

Mo switched to the twins towers line-up again. I don't know why he doesn't used it more often. It seems to help their interior defense. Didn't help the rebounding however (Sixers got pounded 55-36 on the boards).

Did you see that Pistons vs. T-wolves. I missed the fight that got KG tossed. But Randy Foye was puttin' on a show. But then with 3 ticks on the clock Billups shoots a 3 point dagger into the heart of the short handed T-wolves (sending the game into OT). Damn I hating seeing that smug look on C. Webb's face. All of a sudden he's healthy enough to play 38 minutes and score 16 point without taking 25 shots. I think I'm gonna be sick.

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