Sunday, December 03, 2006

What a long and strange week it's been

First of all I'm gonna ignore the fact that Phildelphia did not win a game this week. That boat as sailed. While it remains to be seen wether they can turn it around. I can't handle the heartburn I get thinking about it right now.

Shavlik Randolph breaking his leg this week was pretty disturbing. By all accounts it was a gruesome sight. It was obviously, to me, the worst injury I've ever seen," Allen Iverson said. Some players could not look at. Fortunately, broken bones are not usually career ending (for young players). Randolph has been a nice story for the Sixers. Making the team on grit alone. It has been interesting to watch him develop. They are now saying he could return this season. I know it raised a few eyebrows when B.King said they where not replacing him on the roster. Thanks to changes in the NBA roster rules. Teams can carry more players. In the past you could hold on to a player by putting them on the 15 day disabled list. Players where constantly coming up with mysterious injuries and put on the list until they were needed. This year you just need to declare a player inactive before each game (like the NFL). The rule change allowed both Ivan McFarlin and Steve Smith to make the squad. La Salle's Steve will probably be the benefactor of Randolph's loss (along with the venerable Mr. Henderson).

The story about AI missing the bowling event is a non-event. Who cares if he really had a problem with his medication or just hates bowling. I seem to remember another incident at a bowling alley when he was in high school. Any how these stories are old news. Fine him and be done with it.

Iverson and Korver were also injured in practice this week. Mighty Mouse played against the Nets last nite. However Korver was in civvies. K² is the best 3 point shooter in the NBA so far this year. So you have to look at the coaching staff when he doesn't get at least 10 shots a game don't you? Do the math 10 * 3 * 50% = 15 PPG. Korver's currently averaging 13. Who's fault is that? I have the same issue with Igoudola. Six field goal attempts last nite against the Nets, Six!
C. Webb is back from whatever the problem with his back was. The Sixers can use any body over 6' it can find these days with all the injuries this week. One thing that did not return was Webber's shot, 7-20.

Rod Carney gave us a glimpse of future last nite. The surprise start of the rookie gave me a chance to smile a bit. His stat line was impressive (41 minutes, 20 points on 10-19 shooting), he ran the floor like a gazelle and defended with passion. He did everything but hit that cluth jumper at the end of the game. After that performance, I think it will be hard not to start 'em. Even with Kover's return. Kevin Ollie starting was not working. The kid needs more minutes. Let's see what he's got.


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David Stefanini said...

Carney did who glimpses of what the future can be. In the future that clutch shot at the end of the game is going to be made. That is a shot AI can make.

With time I am sure Rodney will develop that and will turn into a star.