Friday, December 08, 2006

Iverson on the Way Out!

Peter Vecsey reported in the New York Post this morning that Allen Iverson asked Billy King to trade him last Tuesday. Apparently he has confirmed this thru several sources. Philly media appears to be clueless to what's going on (Today's story on was "Iverson, Webber hurt, may not face Wizards"). It appears that Billy King's house of cards will finally collapse with the removal of Iverson. According to reports Billy is frantically attempting to comply with the request and not only Iverson, but every member of the team is on the table. Billy's house cleanup so vehemently announced earlier this summer may finally be at hand. Sigh ... but it will not be enough to savage this season ... it won't be enough to save Billy's job. His hubris has been undeniable. To pretend last years team was talented enough to play in the NBA and repackage it again this season was foreseen as laughable. To expect AI to continue to leave his heart out on the floor every nite in spite of the team's glaring weaknesses is indefensible. Particularly after the talks of trading Allen in which he was vilified as the root of all the Sixers' ills.

For his part Iverson has been admirable. Earlier this season Stephen A. Smith foretold of this day, but his version called for a very public and nasty divorce. As a long time Sixers fan, I remember the Charles Barkley era. Sir Charles had no compunction about throwing anyone under the bus. It was a loud & mean spirited and damaged the image of both Charles and the franchise in the eyes of many Philly fans. I am certain it has contributed to the reason Philly fans scoff at pro basketball. The fact that the 76ers are the last major franchise to actually win a championship curries no favor.

But Iverson has not been a cancer publicly. Can you really blame 'em for wanting out? Have you seen what this 6' wonder does when he's on the court? The difference in size of the bodies he crashes into? The quickness he exploits that any 10 year veteran would envy? Have you seen it? You can say many things about AI, but you can say he is not still talented and you can't say he doesn't care about winning. That's a Philly thing isn't it? We want our athletes to care about winning ... not just the money and accolades.

No, AI has repeated the mantras of teamwork and loyalty to the franchise. But for some reason many still cling to the image of that brash youth 2 years removed from high school in his rookie season. Like Barkley I will miss him, but wish him the best. I hope he finds that elusive ring that Barkley never did. And I will cheer that day he is inducted in to the NBA hall of fame. I feel many of today's youth share those sentiments for the little giant.


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I'm a long-time Sixers fan as well, but my memories reside less with Barkley and more with Manute Bol dropping threes at the Spectrum. Where do you think Iverson could land?

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Outside of Wilt the sixers, we never never have another like him. we had the Doc but he was no AI. Put that talent around AI and look out. The greatest we ever seen. Bring it every night. Now we have Webber. Please this hurts bad because I never seen a player regardless of size who can roll like him. Change the game, guards now take it to the rake. But who took it like AI. NEVER PLAYED WITH A GREAT PLAYER NEVER. PLEASE DON'T DOWNPLAY HIS GREATNESS AND IF ANYONE SAYS HE SHOT TO MUCH TRY GETTING OFF THAT MANY SHOTS. YOU HAVE TO BE SPECIAL. His ten years were super heavy stuff. only Jabbar,Jordan, West, O, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Russell,Zeke can match his ten years. Of heavy rolling. Give him a rebounder, tough guys(ruben Patterson) was needed on this team . This hurts because he wanted to be a Sixers but theGM didn't know how to put a team together. Writers will lie on the game but AI was a story my himself a 6 foot killer a man who crush folks. Try averaging 28.00 pts in the playoffs try it. Money player, the best. Say go bye the the last Super Star and the greatest since Wilt in PHilly sports history. Wilt team won with perhaps the best team ever assmble in 1967, Doc Team won with a team so load with talent that it would have been a crime if the didn't. And look at all the talent we traded away on AI clock and he still deliver. Sixers fans say goodbye to the great one AI.

Littles 49st said...

I love AI and I wish that we could trade Billy King and Mo between the two of them I don't no who does the wprst job, I swear i'm a female I no that I can coach better then moe so what you think I'm trying to say.And Billy O Billy you got to be the dumbist motherf%$##ing GM I have ever seen you had a supter star why in god's name did you not build a team around him, Sammy for the center you got to be kidding me this man is from Africa and thinks swating flies is blocking shots. Man please and Chris Webber what was the purpose I did like Chris until he got here, so Billy should have been work out something for Sammy and chris to go because them are the two people that don't fit the line up, Sammy will block a few shots but that's only a few because he is so timed in the middle against a beast like shak,Ben, Stodimire he looks like a chick I'm going to say this PHILADELPHIA will be nothing without AI there are going to roits all kinds of stuff is about to happen because these kids that look up to AI and that is the only person that they respect and you take him out of philly and you think that philly is out of control now wait until it starts to sink in to the city that AI is really rolling this city will be shook and you can thank Billy King for that Hey Billy Watch yourself in them stands with them us Philly folks you no some of us just don't give a f*&^% it ain't going to be easy when our superstar is at stake, Man Philly needs to be called the city of depression gaurenteed to make you depressed!!!!