Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sixers smoke the Bulls on AI's return

Sixers 123 Bulls 108 Wow, let me tell there's nothin' like seeing 120+ points scored in a game and there's nothin' like seeing AI in person as I did last nite.
When he's got it going on (15-30) everyone else looks like they are in slow motion. The speed, the quickness, the ball handling skills were all on display last nite.

That being said, the Bulls were not impressive. Chicago's busy off season has yielded a bag of mixed nuts. Sporting a 3-9 record they showed zero inside presence and poor rebounding. Those attributes were the trademark of their biggest off-season acquisition, Big Ben Wallace. Wallace was a non factor in the game as he appeared to be a fish out of water in Chicago's scheme.

I want to give some props to Allen Henderson (27 minutes, 13 points, 4 rebounds). The Sixers were short on BIGS, and starter Shavlik Randolph's high energy game was not getting it done. Henderson came in to do the dirty work. The boxing out his defender to allow a teammate get a rebound, flashing to an open spot for a pass when Green was falling out of bounds, executing the pick and rolls, getting fouled and making free throws. It was exactly the kind of performance he was brought in for.

On the negative side, Willie Green's defense is atrocious! He should not have been on the court if he hadn't scored 20. The Bulls drove right past 'em, shot over and he barley raised his arms! He's like a black hole on offense. When he gets the ball its either drive to the hoop or shoot the jumper. He turned his teammates into spectators. You have to wonder how much of this Mo is taking in. Supposedly you have to play defense to stay on the floor. Hey Mo, whazzup wit dat?

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