Monday, November 06, 2006

Move over, Webber: It's time for Andre Iguodala to shine.

Stephen A. has got it right this time ... "It's also a must that the secondary offensive option for this team becomes a 6-foot-6, 22-year-old guard with fresh legs out of Arizona. Not a 33-year-old former member of Michigan's Fab Five, with legs that appear so much older."
Chris Webber gets too much playing time for what he produces. Sure he's a smart guy. Sure he gets double figures on the boards. Sure he can play defense (for a little while anyway). But even he knows that's not the the C.Webb of old out there. In the Hawks game he was freakin' 25% on 4 of 16 shots. I can recall him chucking up as many as 8 shots in a quarter. His minutes needs to come down to 20-25 minutes (I think its around 33 right now) and for the love of basketball give those shots to Iggy!!!

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