Friday, November 10, 2006

76ers Must Win 2nite over Nuggets

Right from the start I will apologize for using the over-hyped "Must Win" phrase in any story less than a month into the season. But if the 76ers wish to continue to ingratiate themselves with the Philly faithful ... they "Must Win".

Because of the sad state of sports in this town. More than a few folks have taken a peek at the 76ers (much sooner than normal). That attention could willow away just as suddenly if ... the Eagles could go on a winning streak or ... Pat Croce could run for mayor or .. the DEMs could win the House & Senate (wait that did happen) ... Anyhow, the point is that they stand to gain props from their fan base if they continue their quick start. If I had said that after last year's dismal season, after this summer's draft & free agency, after all the do/don't trade A.I. talk ... you would call me crazy!

But its true.

The recent two game slide has given people cause to say "It was just a matter of time before the old 76ers showed up". Indeed some of the old habits seem to creep into the Pacers game (76ers got waxed). But the Raptors game ... I don't know what happened. Back to back round games are tough. Could it be that Chris Bosh Is Jamming 3s Down The Sixers’ Throats and the 76ers are powerless to stop him. Chris Bosh is a heck of a player. But the how lucky was his that 3? I listened to this game on the radio and did not see it. So I ask you .. did Iggy miss a golden opportunity to step up to the next level? It sounded as if he got off a good shot. It's the shot we need him to make if he is to become the 76ers 2nd banana. It's the shot that would silence the nay sayers .

Had they stolen a game in Toronto we would not be here. But the bottom line is the Sixers Lose To Toronto 104-106 and they need to beat the Nuggets 2nite to keep the fans stoked and protect their own turf. Denver is 0-3, playing on the road and they just lost Kenyon Martin (see preview). So you might be tempted to call it a must win from both teams, but I already apologized once for that.

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