Monday, August 21, 2006

Argentina Basketball by VISA

So I'm flippin' channels yesterday 'n I notice there was a FIBA Championships game on. I also noticed the USA wasn't playin' but I said what the heck. I'll check it out. To my dismay, I tune into a blow-out of Venezuela by Argentina. The score was not what shocked me (the final was 96-54). No, what shocked me was Argentina's uniform. VISA is plastered so large on their jersey that you notice nothin else.


... Its bigger than their NUMBERS ... Its bigger than their NAMES. If you didn't know 'bout the baby blue country colors you would have no clue that VISA hand not taken over a country and started a basketball team. Not just some sponsor. Have they no shame! How can FIBA lay claim to basketball purity (let's not go there ... I know we invented the game) ... and allow such a mockery of games. I know there are other sports where players wear sponsor logos. But those are sports like tennis, golf, nascar, arena football. Many would agree with me that they are second class sports (if it's a sport at all). How do they expect us to take them seriously? It's absurd!

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