Monday, July 24, 2006

Stupid is as Stupid Does: Salmons opts out of deal with Raptors

Johnny Salmons opts out of deal with Raptors. There is no consolation in I told you so on this one. We all knew Salmon's decision making process was suspect. Let's see. Your agents come to you and says 'let's turn down offers from one of the best and one of the worst teams in the league' I can get you a better deal!'. Duh.... Okay.

I suspect his agent does not have his best interest at heart. It only serves as a barb thrown at Billy K. Salmon's is now an unrestricted free agent and the Sixers get nothin' for 'em. It would not be the first time an agent used one of his clients to leverage another (Agent Joel Bell is also the agent for Randolph and the rookie Bobby Jones).

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