Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stop the Presses: King says Iverson off table in deal

Late Breaking News: King says Iverson trade is off table in deal!
This is neither good news or bad news. It is was it is. It is the reality of the Sixers plight. King was ready and willing to trade his biggest chip (he still may do so). But not just for the sake of doing something ... just to do something ... anything. But if the rumors we heard were true (and we know some were not) teams were playing King for a sucker. The contracts involved, the Salary cap, the NBA trade rules and a poor talent pool all conspired to make a great deal for Philly nearly impossible.

King's proclamation may still prove to be a negotiating ploy. But it makes sense at this point in time. Whether you think the Sixers should build around AI or blow it up. You have to admit there are not a lot of options out there. The are no "no brainers".

Think about it from Billy's point of view. If he blows up the team. The Sixes stink for a few years and he gets fired. Some other guy may or may not reap the rewards. If he sticks with AI he keeps fannies in the seats. His bosses get paid. He gets paid and he just might get lucky and catch lightning in a bottle. So if you take his POV it's a "no brainer".

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