Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Are the Sixers Better without Webber?

Help me with the math here! Can minus 20.3 PPG, 9.9 RPG, 3.5 APG equal more wins for the Sixers? As an eye witness to the last two Sixers games, I have to consider it. There is no question Webber is not as athletic as he used to be. His shot is so flat it's a wonder it ever gets over the rim. He took the majority of shots in the 3rd period of Friday's loss and only converted on two free throws. Fatigue is clearly a factor.

I'm not ready to give up on C.Webb totally. He still has more BB IQ than some of the younger players. And the reality is that he gets paid a lot of money. So he is gonna play (when he's healthy). But I like the twin towers look of Sammy D and Hunter. I think they need more PT than Webber. Could that be Mo's magic formula?

Sixers show off new inside look

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