Saturday, January 14, 2006

76ers Defeat Celtics 125-124 in Triple OT

ABC News: 76ers Defeat Celtics 125-124 in Triple OT Are you kiddin' me? Triple Overtime! I nearly turned the game off in the third quarter. I wonder how many fans left early. The Sixers defense was offensive. Iggy blanketed Paul Pierce. But KK was being woefully exposed by Ricky Davis and was not scoring himself to compensate. When simply rotating the ball did not yield a wide open shot, the Celtics were posting up Webber. The game appeared to be a repeat of Wednesday's bewildering loss to the Jazz.
... But Mo went old school. He pulled the dynamic duo and Kyle Korver and sent in the shock troops. The signal was clear ... Play 'D' or watch from the bench. Boston wilted. They were lucky to make it to OT. Where the Sixers couldn't close it out, AI misses the last shot, and we go to a 2nd OT. Korver redeems himself (not really) with the 3 point buzzer beater to force a 3rd OT. Webber seals the deal with a clutch steal off Mark Blount.

Tripe OT's are rare. It was nice to be on the winning side.

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Marando said...

As a side note, 2nd year player, Delonte West made an impressive showing last nite. Quality guard play has been Boston's achilles heel for several years. West could be developing into a solid player at that position for them. It's nice to see the St. Joe product do well.

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