Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sixers 0-2 after laying an egg in Detroit

Fast out of the gate The nite was perfect for a letdown. An overtime lose at home the nite before. Back to back games ending on the road against the conference champions (on their opening nite). Slim pickings at the 5 spot. The perfect storm ...

The Sixers fell for the trap. Detroit started the game with a few in your face blocks and they never showed up. It was late in the 3rd period before anybody not named Iverson had an assist. The DEFENSE (or lack of) was offensive. Rip Hamilton torched them for 37 (Redd had 30 the nite before).

No, these are not good signs ... but are they signs of what we will see this season?

PISTONS 108 76ERS 88

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