Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sixers Jump to 7th Play Off spot with win over Cavs

If he didn't make Sport Center's Top Ten ... Igoudala was robbed. In last nite's win over the Cavs, Iggy wowed the Friday nite crowd with a break away, windmill slam dunk that left us all stunned as play continued. King James paced the Cavs with an array of incredibly athletic shots. But he failed to lift his teammates game as Cleveland continues to falter on the back nine. It appears that the bitter tonic of firing head coach Paul Silas has done little to cure their ills.
The Sixers controlled the game through out, but that 4th quarter miscue bug bit again. Sammy contributed more than his share. On one play he clearly established eye contact with AI as he dribbled into the lane. But he fails to even acknowledge the pass from AI when he's challenged in the lane. That turnover lead to poor defense on the opposite end. It's a theme that has been replayed all season. But the Cavs have nothing going for them. The fall in the end ... thanks to a career high 16 dimes from AI and his deciding jumper in the lane with 8.5 seconds remaining (with remarkable ease). The 76ers match the Cavs 38-37 record, break thru the 500 barrier they have struggled with all season and take the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference. 76ers 103 Cavs 98

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